John Shadbolt

Introducing John Shadbolt

John Shadbolt is the Branch Manager of Goldacres Sprayer Centre Goomalling and recently joined the business in September 2020.  A Mukinbudin (Muka) man all his life, John has managed the family farm, ”Gumpark” for 40+ years with a focus on grain growing.  His first-hand experience on the land means he has walked in our customers shoes. He has been the farmer who needs to keep machines running and experienced the frustration caused when that doesn’t happen. He understands the importance of preventing and minimising down-time.

John has proven to be a passionate advocate for sport and it’s importance in rural communities which provide an opportunity to connect.  His football involvement has led him being named President of the West Australian Country Football League (WACFL) which is a board that oversees all country football in WA.  Having played over 200 games for Mukinbudin Football Club in his youth, John is still a big supporter of country football and loves to watch his son play. John is dedicated bagpipe player and has performed at special events in the area.

Looking for a new opportunity and too young to retire, John joined Goldacres knowing it would be a challenge that would be both interesting and mesh with his farming experience. He is enjoying the workplace comradery and access to all levels of management, it has a real family feel about the whole business. John’s top priorities are getting to know all the customers and providing the best possible Sprayer Centre experience.

Come meet John at Goldacres Sprayer Centre Goomalling.